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Mold Inspection and Testing Services

Mold Inspection and Testing Services

Professional Mold Testing and Inspection in Dallas, TX

Mold is found everywhere around us; it can be found outdoors and even inside our homes and businesses. While not visible to the human eye, little mold spores can survive in our homes and businesses for a long time, waiting for moisture to thrive on. When these spores come into contact with moisture, that is when mold can rapidly grow. This commonly happens when residential or commercial properties have been affected by floods or other water damages. It might not seem like mold is a big deal, but there are many adverse repercussions to not only your belongings, furniture, carpet, walls, and ceilings, but to your health as well. At Rescue Restoration, we want to ensure that our residential and commercial customers in Dallas-Fort Worth are not impacted by the harmful effects of mold, which is why we offer mold testing. With mold testing, commercial and residential customers can have more peace of mind, know how severe their mold contamination is, and stop it before it becomes toxic to their property. Our technicians have the equipment, training, and knowledge to detect mold, test it, and get it cleaned up immediately. If you are concerned that your home or business may have mold but you are unsure, call our technicians today at 972.412.2165 for mold testing in Dallas-Fort Worth.

What Causes a Home or Business to Flood?

There is the notion that mold testing for homes and businesses is that completely necessary. If you already see mold forming on your walls or ceilings, then testing is not essential. While this seems logical, it’s simply not true. Even if you do see the presence of mold on your property, you still can’t determine just by looking at it what kind of mold it is, if there are other areas in your home or business that has the mold that you can’t see, or tell you how serious the mold infestation is.

So if mold testing is important, why not buy an at-home mold testing kit that you can get at your local store? Because they are not a reliable test. Those at-home kits will often times make property owners more overwhelmed and scared than they should be. With every home or business, there is the exposure of mold. Remember those mold spores we talked about earlier? Those are in your home and business, so when you do an at-home testing, the results will always say you have mold, which in turn will freak people out.

The Reasons for Mold Testing and Inspection

Why You Need Mold Testing for Your Home or Business.

A professional mold test can do a number of things that include

  • A Visual Mold Inspection: Mold inspectors not only have the proper training to look at mold and determine the issue.
  • Air testing: Can test the air outdoors and indoors.
  • Laboratory Results: Mold tests are done in an actual lab, so you are getting accurate results.
  • Professional Documentation: A thorough report will be written of any findings and discussed in detail with the customer.
  • Mold Remediation: Removal and cleanup of the mold in your home or business.

With a mold inspection company that has the experience, knowledge, and qualifications, you can feel better knowing that a professional has the situation under control. If you are still unsure that you actually require a mold test for your property, here are a few reasons you should get mold inspection and testing services.

  • There is the hint of a mold smell in your home or business.
  • Your home or business has recently flooded or undergone some other water emergency.
  • You’ve had mold on your property before and you need to make sure it’s truly gone.
  • You are having some health problems like constant sneezing, asthma, or headaches, but you don’t know why.
  • You are selling your home or business and want to ensure there is no mold present.
  • You are renting a home or building and need to ensure there is no mold.

When you need mold testing in Dallas-Fort Worth, please call the professional mold inspectors at Rescue Restoration today at 972.412.2165.

What Does a Mold Testing and Inspection Entail?

What Does a Mold Testing and Inspection Entail

We Provide a Thorough and Precise Mold Testing Service.

At Rescue Restoration, all of our inspections and testing are very detailed and precise, guaranteeing we find all traces of mold in your home or business. Our mold test and inspection services include

  • Fast Response Time: We will be there within a day to inspect and test your property.
  • Samples: We will take samples of every area that has water damage and even areas that haven’t been affected, just to make sure.
  • Laboratory Testing: We use a state-of-the-art laboratory facility to check your mold.
  • Visual Test: Our trained mold inspectors will visually inspect your home or business.
  • Air Samples: Will take samples from your outdoor and indoor air.
  • Detailed Documentation: Will have detailed report of mold findings in your home.
  • Mold Removal and Cleaning: We will remove mold from your property and sanitize and deodorize your property.
  • Additional Testing: We will do additional testing after mold removal to make sure that all of the molds are gone.

If your residential or commercial property has recently flooded, you have excess moisture in your home, or you have a plumbing issue that could cause mold, our expert mold inspectors are available to help you. Please call our mold inspectors today at 972.412.2165 to set up an appointment for mold testing in Dallas-Fort Worth.