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Sheetrock and Water Wall Damage

Rescue has been cleaning up water damage since 2004.

Sheetrock and Wall Water Damage Cleanup

Water penetrating your walls, ceilings, and floors due to a ceiling leak or flood can be very stressful. It can not only leave a mess but it can also leave staining on your home or business’s structure. While some water damage is apparent, there are times when water damage is much than it appears. Water can seep into the floors, walls, and ceilings, which can get undetected. Only when there is mold, terrible odors, and rotting will homeowners and business owners know that water damage has been there all along. This is especially true for sheetrock/drywall and interior walls. If you are dealing with water leaks or flooding in your home, it’s important to call a professional for sheetrock and wall water damage cleanup. At Rescue Restoration, we are able to help residential and commercial customers who are living in Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Because water has the ability to permeate through walls and into dry walls, it’s crucial to contact us at the first sign of water on your walls. It might seem like wiping it off and cleaning it will do the trick, but our technicians have the detection tools, cleaning equipment, and knowledge to remove and clean any water damage you have on your walls or drywall. Protect your business or home from mold and other costly damages when you call us today at 972.366.5274 for sheetrock and wall water damage cleanup in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Sheetrock and Wall Water Damage Cleanup Process

In order to ensure that damage does not become more severe, it is important to act quickly and call us immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if you have a ceiling leak that is running down your walls at 3 AM on a Tuesday, we are able to help. When water is left to pervade your walls and sheetrock, it can not only cause mold to grow, but it can warp and split your wall and sheetrock material. Calling Rescue Restoration is able to prevent this, getting your wall or sheetrock cleaned up quickly. We know in situations like this time is everything, so as soon as we arrive at your property, we will get straight to work. We follow essential steps in order to restore and clean your walls and sheetrock.


The first step is assessing your walls. We will first do a visual inspection, but then also use a state-of-the-art detection tool to detect water on your sheetrock.
We remove water from your home and business. This is not only done to remove water from your property but to isolate where the leak or flooding is coming from.
There might be situations where your wall or sheetrock will need to be removed due to damage. In this case, we will do what we can to save the rest of your walls and sheetrock.
Our certified technicians will use innovative tools and materials to restore your walls and sheetrock.
With the cleaning process we want to make sure that there are no contaminants such as mold or other bacteria left on your walls and drywall. For this step, we sanitize and deodorize in order to disinfect and get rid of odors.
When all of the following steps have been put in place, we will dry your walls and sheetrock. This is to make there is no moisture that could cause structural damage or mold to grow.
With everything done, we will do one last inspection. This will ensure your home or business’s walls or sheetrock is in good shape.

24/7 Sheetrock and Wall Water Damage Cleanup Service

When you need immediate help with water damage on your walls or you are concerned you might have water damage on your drywall, call us as soon as possible. First and foremost, our customers are our number one priority. We know that dealing with any water damage can be very overwhelming; no one wants to deal with it, but it happens from time to time. Fortunately, we are here for residential and commercial customers who need us most. While these situations seem like you are completely alone, we are here to tell you that you aren’t alone and we have your back. Water damage can cause a lot of problems, but with quick and thorough services, we are able to handle any water damage you have on your walls or sheetrock.

 By employing highly trained and licensed technicians, equipping them detection, extractors, dryers, and more, they are able to accomplish cleaning, removing, and restoring of water damage in your home or business. Call Rescue Restoration today at 972.366.5274 for sheetrock and wall water damage cleanup services in

Local Water Cleanup Services

At Rescue Restoration, we understand how crucial immediate response is in regards to residential water damage. If you are in an emergency situation that requires urgent help, our technicians will be there for you! Our residential water damage cleanup process is thorough and prompt, so we are able to eliminate damage to your walls, floors, and other structures in your home. We will not only clean up water in your home but also take additional steps to ensure that you are not at risk of mold infestation or structural damage. 

With extractors, dehumidifiers, and dryers, we are able to dry, restore, and remove water from your home. In our cleaning process, we will sanitize every area to ensure that there are no harmful contaminants that will hurt you or your family. We will also offer deodorizer to get your home smelling fresh and clean. When you are going through a situation where your pipes have burst or your ceiling has caused water to leak all over your living room, call us immediately and we will be there to help you!

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