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Standing Water Removal

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Standing Water Removal & Cleanup

While water is one of the most fundamental elements for survival, there are types of water that are not good for us. From sewage water to standing water, these water types can severely hurt not only humans but homes and businesses, too. Standing water, in particular, poses a great threat to homes and businesses. Any water that sits for an extended amount of time can really hurt not only the structure of your property, but also the furniture, floors, walls, and your other belongings. That isn’t the only thing that property owners need to worry about; when water is left to seep into your home or business, it can cause mold growth, which is a whole other problem in itself. Getting water removed and cleaned out of your home is crucial, so when you need standing water removal and cleanup in Dallas, TX, call the experts at Rescue Restoration. 

We are equipped with water extractors, dehumidifiers, and dryers to get your property restored, and we also have detection tools to determine where the water is coming from. Whether you have stagnant water due to flooding from bad weather or a pipe burst, our technicians can handle any stagnant water issue that you might have. We understand that when you are knee deep in water, it can be overwhelming and scary. We are not only here to provide exceptional water removal and cleanup, but be a source of comfort, also. Let the technicians get your home or business back in good condition by calling us today at 972.366.5274 for Dallas-Fort Worth standing water removal and cleanup service.

Why Is Standing Water Dangerous?

A lot of people are under the impression that standing water only affects those in areas where plumbing and sewage systems are not great. This is a common misconception because stagnant water can happen anywhere to anyone. Stagnant water tends to happen most frequently when there is a severe storm that causes a lot of rainfall. With rain or small amounts of water, it can easily be absorbed, but if a sewer system is too backed up or there is too much water in your home or business, the water will have nowhere to go but sit. Since there is too much water, it will take a long time for it to go anywhere. If your home or business has standing water, it is important to call a professional water removal and cleanup company immediately. Although it might not seem like stagnant water could affect us, there are many dangers to stagnant water for humans, animals, and structures.

Insect Infestation:
Insects, such as mosquitoes, love standing water. It is the perfect breeding ground for them, so they are able to grow eggs. Not only is having a bunch of mosquitoes around incredibly annoying, but they are carriers of disease like malaria, West Nile Virus, and can cause heartworms and tapeworms in dogs.
Mold Growth:
Mold can grow any place that is warm and wet, so it is especially unsafe when there is standing water involved. Mold is not only harmful to the walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture in your property, but it can cause respiratory problems for people.
If you have standing water caused by a sewage backup or sewage overflow, you can bet that your home or business is contaminated with human waste. This is terrible because it can breed E. coli, which can cause a host of illnesses for people who are in contact with the standing water.
Not only can bacteria and mold grow on the walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture of your home or business due to stagnant water, but the water that is left unremoved can cause rot and warping to ceilings, floors, and walls.

Professional Standing Water Removal & Cleanup Service

At Rescue Restoration, we offer specialized standing water removal and cleanup service to get your property back in excellent condition. We take very specific steps to ensure your home or business has stagnant water removed and cleaned, so we can get your property restored as soon as possible. Our process is reliable, effective, and very straightforward

Local Water Cleanup Services

At Rescue Restoration, we understand how crucial immediate response is in regards to residential water damage. If you are in an emergency situation that requires urgent help, our technicians will be there for you! Our residential water damage cleanup process is thorough and prompt, so we are able to eliminate damage to your walls, floors, and other structures in your home. We will not only clean up water in your home but also take additional steps to ensure that you are not at risk of mold infestation or structural damage. 

With extractors, dehumidifiers, and dryers, we are able to dry, restore, and remove water from your home. In our cleaning process, we will sanitize every area to ensure that there are no harmful contaminants that will hurt you or your family. We will also offer deodorizer to get your home smelling fresh and clean. When you are going through a situation where your pipes have burst or your ceiling has caused water to leak all over your living room, call us immediately and we will be there to help you!


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