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Water Removal

Rescue has been cleaning up water damage since 1992.

Water Removal Services In Dallas-Fort Worth

Are you dealing with an emergency water situation, due to an overflowing dishwasher or even flooding after a storm? It is important to get help right away. While it might not be the first thing on your mind, time is crucial, and every minute counts. At Rescue Restoration, we are here to help commercial and residential customers living in Dallas-Fort Worth. With years of experience, we are able to get your property back in good condition with our water removal and cleanup services. Dealing with water damage, whether from flooding, leaks, or an overflow, can be incredibly stressful. We are here to make the situation easier and get your property restored. It might not seem like circumstances such as these could be made better. With our water removal services, we can extract water from carpets, other flooring material, rooms, and more! We will not finish the job until every inch of water has been removed from your property. We won’t just stop when the water appears to be dried up; we will keep a watchful eye on your property to ensure that other water removal methods are not needed. Our technicians do not want our customers to pay thousands of dollars in water damage. That’s why we are here whenever you are in a crisis that needs to be resolved right away.

Water Removal Services We Provide

No one wants to be in a situation where their home or business is flooded or some other water emergency situation. It’s stressful, feels daunting, and can feel you leaving like there are no answers. While we aren’t able to predict when water emergencies happen, there are water restoration companies who are there for residential or commercial property owners who need them the most. When you need an experienced team that you can depend on, look no further than our highly trained and certified technicians. Our technicians have had the proper training and certifications to handle any water removal service you might need. Whether you have a whole room flooded due to an overflowing dishwasher, or the entryway of your business has flooded due to an unexpected roof leak, we can handle every repair, extraction, and drying service that you need. There are a few services that we provide for our water removal services which include:

Each service is extremely important to extracting and cleaning up your home or business. Water and structural drying ensure that water is removed from flooring, rooms, and other parts of your property. It is an important step in the water removal process, because it not only removes water you are able to see, but also water that is trapped in carpet padding, insulation, furniture, and more. We are able to identify water trapped in those areas by using diagnostic tools and thermal imaging to detect the water. Once it is detected, we remove it at once, guaranteeing your furniture, belongings, ceilings, floors, and walls are free of water.

The water damage service is a crucial part in the water removal service. Without water damage restoration, there can be severe damage to walls, floors, ceilings, electrical components, and more that can cost a lot of money to repair. Not only do residential and commercial owners have to worry about destruction of their property, but they have to consider the risk of mold infestation. While some mold isn’t considered dangerous, you should never take that gamble. Flooding and other water emergencies can seem like a hopeless situation, but with our water damage services, we use cutting-edge equipment to remove the dirty water from your property and any mold.

With our water extraction, we also take special care to clean up all of the water. This includes sanitizing and deodorizing every area and possession that has been affected by water, to make sure your home or business is thoroughly clean.

Superior Commercial and Residential Water Removal

At Rescue Restoration, we pride ourselves on being a professional water restoration company that is professional, has superior workmanship, and is dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. We know that situations that involve flooding or other water emergencies can be very difficult, which is why we always make our customers our number one priority. Extracting water, removing mold, drying all areas of your property, and other tasks that are involved in the water removal service are extremely vital, but if our customers are not happy, then we have done a disservice to them. Fortunately, with our licensed and trained technicians, our state-of-the-art drying, dehumidifying, and detection equipment, plus our professional procedures, have always provided residential and commercial customers living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with the most satisfaction. It will always be our goal to not only leave your home looking better than it did before but to leave you 100% satisfied with our water removal services. We feel confident that our customers will be happy with our attention to detail, our precise cleaning, and our hard work, which will have your home or business in excellent condition

Local Water Cleanup Services

At Rescue Restoration, we understand how crucial immediate response is in regards to residential water damage. If you are in an emergency situation that requires urgent help, our technicians will be there for you! Our residential water damage cleanup process is thorough and prompt, so we are able to eliminate damage to your walls, floors, and other structures in your home. We will not only clean up water in your home but also take additional steps to ensure that you are not at risk of mold infestation or structural damage. 

With extractors, dehumidifiers, and dryers, we are able to dry, restore, and remove water from your home. In our cleaning process, we will sanitize every area to ensure that there are no harmful contaminants that will hurt you or your family. We will also offer deodorizer to get your home smelling fresh and clean. When you are going through a situation where your pipes have burst or your ceiling has caused water to leak all over your living room, call us immediately and we will be there to help you!

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